Mindfulness, which really works Mietiskelyja

There are many ways everyday awareness policy. Every action, every thought we think that we practice. Which is more precise, here is a list of mindfulness, which serves as Mietiskelyja:

1. When you talk on the phone, make sure that the words to create mutual understanding and kindness.

2. Every morning to wake up, i.e. the legs, and get in contact with the ground, go to the TOILET.

3. Fully concentrate on the task that is performed during the days of the date on which the Office or at home. Keep thinking, when this action to run the task instead of.

4. Take a glass of water and to draw attention to the taste of the water and the mouth of sensation. Take the temperature of the water.

5. Go to the fast media. Get the day television or a movie, and you don't know how you have time, if you do not use the media.

6. To 10 minutes of stretching or yoga mat in the morning and see how you can feel your body with this gesture.

7. If, as with the tree based on the identifier of a paradise on Earth widely and trunk animating creatures meditation.

8. It is the desire to buy in any case, the questions, you can "really needed?

9. 10 minutes, from the list of modules that simplify the life time of the event "only" instead of "Doing" at any time.

10. When someone speaks, you listen to a fixed and an active mind.

11. Stop independently of the same response, how it is said that the other person.

12. Experience a meal without prior notice, in order to be able to hear, what we eat and how food body 12 food.

13. Considers that, when you have felt over the embarrassing and recognizes the need to depend on the customer's ego.

14. 2 press and hold the daily list you have typed in the mind of the ways of knowledge in the field of the journal.

15. Let things take ', instead of trying to control their natural course.

16. Message at the same time when you wish, or irritable and these feelings in order to take account of situations.

17. Take a few minutes, Close your eyes, between actions and breathe.

18. Then these Mietiskelyja on a daily or weekly.

Contemplate the us more, we are more aware and more awareness, until we know. These Mietiskelyja really work, mindfulness practice.

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